Friday, January 26, 2007

this week has been a hell of a year...

It's been a week...

Tuesday I got in a very minor wreck. I rear-ended someone after she stopped quickly to avoid hitting someone in front of her (within inches), and I hit her Dodge Durango with my Dodge Stratus (oh, and not so ironically, neither of them "dodge" well, at all) - the front end of my car going up under her truck - a truck with a big heavy duty tow kit. I was going less than 10mph and my airbag didn't deploy.

Her truck was fine at the scene, but now she's claiming damage ($600). On top of that, she said she was fine, but now there have been doctor visits and chiropractor visits.... whiplash.

Whatever. Liar.

On top of everything, a stupid mistake/miscommunication on my part has led to me not having coverage on the Stratus at the time of the accident. It wouldn't have mattered to my car, as I only had liability on it. But now I'm worried about what will happen with her "lies" - I mean "claims" to her insurance company.

I only got a $75 ticket for the wreck, though.

Anyhow, the outcome on my end - my car is totalled - $5800.00 in repairs.

I'm immobile.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


A year ago, today, my best friend, Marla passed away. Her last words were fitting - "Love you!" I remember kissing her cheek and watching her fall asleep. 8 hours later she was gone.

I miss her more than I thought I would. I miss things about her that used to drive me crazy - like how she would talk and talk and talk while watching TV...

Now I wish she were on my couch talking while I watch TV.

I miss you, Marla.
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