Monday, February 12, 2007

blogger's block

Ok, so most of you aren't anything like me (you are just posting maniacs) - but I've had blogger's block. It's not for a lack of things to write about... it's more for, well - I don't know - apathy?

I wonder if anyone even reads this anymore...

For those of you who do, here's some tidbits for you:
  • I'm starting an open mic in Springfield with the help of some of my comic friends here. We're aiming for a start early in April - originally planned for March, we didn't want to have to compete with March Madness.
  • As hard as Christmas was - being the first Christmas since Marla's untimely passing just after New Year 06, it was pretty good. I spent time with S&B, who made me feel just like family. I made new memories - not that overwrote the old ones, but that can fit in my memory right beside them.
  • [gets on soapbox] I still hate the IRS. Another year where I did pretty well for myself, and another year where I am penalized for it. If you're at all aggrivated ever year by the tax system and how it punishes hard working people who are trying to get ahead - please get behind the Fair Tax movement. [off of soapbox]
  • Obamacon 2007 came and went from Springfield. Obamacon - where thousands of Oval-Office-hungry folks flocked to Springfield to see Barak Obama announce his candidacy. Some of them were dressed as nice looking African American men who spoke well... ok, that was a joke - I'm not racist, geez! I tried very hard to understand why this was so significant - and I can't. There's no historical significance to B-O's announcement whatsoever. Other African-Americans have run for president before... it's not like it's never happened. And just because "He's actually got a shot" doesn't make it any more significant than me announcing that I want to go by the name of "Shoobacca" (which, I don't). Meh, by 2pm, Springfield was just about back to its regular self - what with all the homeless huddling at the library and whatnot. The only remnant was the annoying nature of the satellite trucks on 6th street.
  • I got some good news from the doc today. My A1C is down to 7.4 - which is pretty good, for me - being that my diabetes has been out of control since I was diagnosed in 1999. I'm also excited because my new doc seems to be pretty proactive on things - and didn't make me feel like a total cow and explained that no matter what the diet, it's nearly impossible to lose weight on insulin. My next appt is March 5th, where I'll take up the topic of Gastric Bypass with him.
  • No update yet on the car situation. I'm expecting to talk to the dealer again tomorrow to see if I can get the Camry I'm looking at down about $1k more. It's low mileage and in good shape, but it's the 01 old body style, thus reducing the loan value. On top of that, a recent development has led me to have no down payment - so I'm hoping I can get financed without losing my left ovary (which would be fine, being that I'm barren).
Heading home, friends - talk to you again soon - when I'm outta this funk.
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