Wednesday, June 28, 2006

3 out of 3 third-world children can't be wrong...

I've gotten a virtual onslaught of emails wondering how the Comedy Showcase went... so here's an update (sorry it's so late, work's been crazy, what with getting ready to go on VACATION!)!

Man I love the stage... love love love it! The comedy showcase went really, very well. My fellow workshoppers and I took the stage at the Addison Improv - and, honestly - everyone did so well. I was super impressed by Doug... I was hoping for quite the story the next day (we saw him leaving with a HAWWWWTIE!), but he made it through. He was my comedy buddy from day one, and he did so well! Love you, Doug!!

I had the chance to make some great friends during the workshop - Kim, A.J., Jack - all of whom have been incredibly supportive -and we've kept in contact since. A little over half of our group (plus a newcomer, Matt) get together at my place on Saturday AM's to share ideas and work on new material.

I cannot tell you how much the workshop helped my confidence. Most of you know, I'm an attention whore - and getting up on the Improv stage after nearly 2 years of not performing on a regular basis - I just knew it was where I was meant to be. God that feels so good...

I felt confident and very calm - excited, don't get me wrong - but like I was sitting in my living room with about 125 friends, cutting up, making fun of Jared the Subway guy and my fat ass... it was so amazingly exciting.

The crowd was good as well - lots of my friends showed up - and, thankfully, very few of my enemies (except those I've made since then, bitches). And most of them I trust to be honest with me - so the compliments and comments I got - while not *all* positive - have only served to make me want to work harder.

Not bad for my first time. It was definately better than my first time having sex - but that's another blog, or maybe a bit... dunno.

And it's good to have a stranger write something nice about you... Comedy Critic (about 8 or 9 down on the page, you'll find a review of my set - look for Amelia (along with reviews of everyone else's set that night).

I think I've finally found something I'm good at. Something I've worked *VERY* hard at, but good at. As easy as music has come to me in my life - it's never been as fulfilling as this... I wish I could put my finger on why.

I'm spending lunches, now - at least an hour a day - working on new material. I'd say for every 10 ideas I come up with - I have 2 that are "good" and probably will whittle down to 1 that I'll end up doing.

I'm going up a week from tomrrow @ The Backdoor... I'm super excited and then hope to be going up there or at other Dallas OMN's (open mic nights) regularly. Even if open mics are all I ever do - I'm totally cool with that. I just want to write, challenge myself, grow as a performer, comic and writer, and be proud of what I put out there. None of that "I'm gonna try some new stuff out" mentality - every time I get up - I'm going to lay it out.

And what if someone doesn't like it? Meh, you can't please everyone all the time - hell, I can't even please a few people sometimes... But I can know that I really did do my best (and if you know me, you'll know I'm a perfectionist and that I'm super hard on myself) - and that really is all that matters.

Thanks to our "instructor", Dean Lewis, who is not only a gifted comedian, but also a great teacher. A a big thanks to my big bro's and sis's - who've been here in Dallas doing this for a while - and have been extremely encouraging: Bob, Jack, Angela, Sheri, Shaun... thank you guys for being at the showcase, for showing up to the workshops, for being honest and offering constructive criticism and for really giving me lots to think about, to mull over, and to apply to my comedy and my life. I hope that as a new comic, I can "represent" Dallas as well as you all have.

Oh and the video? It's coming - tonight. I should have the DVD in my hot little hands before bed tonight, I'll put my nerd hat on and convert it to 15 different media types and I'll post a link so everyone who wants to can check it out.

So, what's next? Open Mics - lots and lots and lots of them! And I'm so excited!!!

In general, this is another thing in my life falling into place at the right time - I'm finally figuring out not only what it is to be happy - but also what it is to be joyful. It's a an awesome feeling.

Tomorrow I leave for a much-needed and much anticipated vacation and will be back next Wednesday. Sweet, sweet relaxation, here I come... and yes, I'm taking my notebook with me.
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Maria said...

I LOVE stand up! I've downloaded the video to watch when I'm not *cough* at work.

Congratulations on doing so well! *hugs*