Thursday, July 06, 2006

emo jane strikes again...

Gah! Vacation was WONDERFUL! Not only was Springfield, Illinois charming - the company was even more WONDERFUL! I left Texas knowing I was about to spend the weekend with 2 dear friends, and returned with 2 best friends. That's truly heaven - not because of my gain of deeper friendships, but the giving of my friendship.

Buried a hatchet today, too. It's funny how anger and hurt can cloud your vision of what's truly important. And in that the simple sending of an email (though hard to write) - and getting one in return - a door to a dark, dank, scary place is now closed. It's replaced now with something more like a window - letting in a fresh, cool breeze. Satisfied not because I got to speak my peace, but because I now have peace.

Work is good - my last job, if you left for even a half-day, things just went CRAZY. Too many external influences... but getting back to my desk today, it was nice to find that everything was in it's place - that I had managed my responsiblities so well that nothing went nuts when I was gone. Real delight - not from knowing that I fixed things, but from knowing capabilities lied in the premeditation and planning of good projects.

I got 2 hours of comedy writing in today. I have about 5 new bits to try out with the comedy buddies on Saturday. And I have to just buckle down and DO this. NO MORE EXCUSES!!! NO MORE LAZINESS!!! I WILL GET UP THERE @ THE BACKDOOR ON THURSDAY NEXT WEEK!!! NO EXCUSES!!! I want to be gratified by my persistence to not give up - that seems better than being instantly satisfied by the lazy way out.

Better than happiness at anyone else's expense is knowing that I'm growing content in the good situations, and changing those that aren't.
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Anonymous said...

YAAAY! I'm glad you had fun on your trip. Let's get together soon. :D

So you "buried the hatchet"? Email me later...

Sassy said...

a cooler breeze is nice, huh? I'm enjoying it. :) Thanks.