Friday, February 17, 2006

variety show

So much has been going on lately. So, this will be a variety show type post... no A.D.D. Moment, persay, because I expect this post to be mostly A.D.D.

The Cheney "Shooting": Ugh. No, really, UGH.

I grew up in Wisconsin - where hunting was a major part of life. Our Thanksgiving revolved around the men coming home from deer hunting. Fresh venison, rabbit, pheasant... god, so good (mini A.D.D. Moment - how anyone can be a vegetarian baffles me). I can tell you that accidents happen, even in situations where "gun safety" is being adhered to. Shit happens.

It's absolutely ridiculous that this non-news story has become (just about) bigger than when the Hmong guy in Wisconsin killed other hunters (ref).

The real news story here? The fact that the media is so narcissistic - angry because they weren't told first (last I checked I didn't think the news media had some type of contract with the White House for breaking news).


Music, etc: I signed up for SongU. It's an online "school" for songwriting. They also have some basic theory classes, guitar and home recording stuff. I put an ad out that I was willing to do demos and cowrite. This weekend, I just need to get some stuff recorded. Should be easier once I get my beloved guitar out of pawn. Until then, I'll have to settle for Band In a Box and my digital piano.

If anyone's interested in hearing my stuff, just comment here and I'll post links.

American Idol: I'm just not excited this year by AI. Maybe it's because I'm jaded (see earlier posts) due to my own failed AI experience. I'm just baffled that they let through to the top 24 a few people who really don't have "hitmaker" voices. Out of the 24 moving on, I can only remember 4 that strike me as potential winners. 4. That's sad.

I could go on for at least 2 paragraphs about the Brittnum twins (I don't care how it's spelled, if you watch, you know who I mean). All that talk about how they were exemplifying the American Idol personae turned out to be lies upon their lies upon their lies. I'm glad they're gone from the show, and even more glad that they're getting caught up with when it comes to the shenanigans in their past.

That's it for now. 3-day weekend and a wootoff - god bless the U.S.A!
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Dr. Zoom said...

I totally agree with you about the Cheney thing. Cover-up my ass.

And I would appreciate some linkage, por favor.

Average Jane said...
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