Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ha ha ha ha *cough* ha haha hah

Did you miss my show @ Backdoor Comedy on 9/9? Maybe you couldn't make it - maybe you don't even live in Dallas.

Well, never fear, the video is HERE!
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Maria said...

I am SO glad the videos are uploaded!!! :-D I'll watch it as soon as I come home :-)

BoogerPhobe said...

Sorry it took me FOREVER to watch your set. Loved it!!!! Free basing skittles with a Hershey chocolate chaser. PRICELESS

Maria said...

I finally got to watch your set - so funny!!! Sweetie, you have a real talent here. I hope you'll keep uploading the videos, because I know I want to watch them. I love stand-up and you're among the best I've seen.