Friday, September 29, 2006

murder, murder in the night air

Last night, another epic dream.

I was back in Wisconsin... at my grandma/grandpa's house. I just remember the house... the yard... it was definitely there.

For whatever reason, I'd apparently killed someone and tried to hide the body. And while I was hiding the body, I ran across another body near where I was hiding mine. AND I RECOGNIZED the person.

The guy's name was Troy. I remember thinking he was engaged to my friend, Sara, but that he was killed and never found before they got married. Sara never found out what happened to him.. it'd been 2 years since he disappeared and Sara had met a new guy (named Troy as well) and married him earlier this year.

When I got home, I was visibly shaken (what with murder, and hiding the body, the discovery of Troy's body and whatnot), and so my uncle, Tim, called a lawyer.

The lawyer came to the house, and I had explained what I had done. I was clear to say that YES, I did kill whoever it was I killed (don't remember who it was)... but that I did not kill Troy ... and I juts happened to find his body while hiding the other body. I did not kill Troy.

Lawyer said I..d get pinned for both murders and began working on my defense.

The lawyer started going through my medicine cabinet looking for what medications I was on. He ran across something and started talking about a defense of being temporarily insane. I argued I wasn't insane... that I meant to murder, but my main concern was not getting pinned for Troy's murder. I didn't kill Troy.

And then the lawyer said I..d have to call Sara and tell her that I was the one who killed her fiancée. Being that I didn't kill her fiancée, and that Sara was my friend, I got distraught and locked myself in the garage.

The lawyer and my uncle and grandparents tried to get in... and I woke up just as I decided that a good way to off myself was with the hedge trimmers.

Yeah. Uh huh. Fucked.

What do you think? Come on... give it to me.
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